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The Global Podcast Booking Agency 
trusted by Founders, Entrepreneurs, Authors, and Experts

We leverage our extensive podcast and streaming media network and do all the ground work to quickly get you booked as a guest expert or thought leader on podcasts worldwide that will rapidly build your platform and grow your brand 


Podcast Tours

Why Podcasts?

If streaming is the new media kingpin, podcasts are its crown jewels. 
For your business, brand, and expertise, aligning with podcasts that resonate with your core values and industry can be a game-changer. This strategy not only amplifies your brand visibility by significantly boosting your SEO and enhancing your digital footprint, it fuels rapid growth by connecting you with a broad, engaged audience.

Unlike consumers of other media platforms, podcast listeners are a 100% “opt-in” audience which guarantees listener loyalty and strong engagement with hosts, guests, and content

Podcasts are promoted via social media, blogs, and websites, making them highly optimized online and  providing guests with multi-platform visibility. Featuring comprehensive notes, images, book covers, and links to author sites, sales portals, and social media, SEO ranking and metadata skyrockets

Podcast interviews are long-form, which allows experts, entrepreneurs, and authors the time and platform to tell their story, share their philosophies, and drive brand engagement

Podcasts are forever. A recent survey by Edison Research revealed that just like streaming television, podcasts are bingeable and once listeners discover them, they go back and binge past episodes, providing years of visibility


Establishing your book or brand's voice and reaching your target market is crucial. That's where we come in. As your dedicated podcast tour bookers, we leverage our vast network of podcasters and producers to secure you guest spots on mission- and value-aligned podcasts. By appearing on these highly-engaged shows, you will connect with your target market, promote your brand, and establish your voice among the people who matter most.

Our comprehensive services include:


Our team collaborates closely with you to define and refine the outreach strategy, crystallize key messaging, identify optimal content, and target relevant audiences.

By working with our seasoned media PR team, you can trust that your brand will be strategically positioned for success and gain the recognition it deserves. Let us help you take your brand or expertise to the next level by booking you on the most relevant podcasts in your industry.

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What We Do 



JJ Virgin

My Mindshare Collaborative is made up of top health and wellness entrepreneurs in North America. When connecting them to outside experts to help amplify their brands I have to be careful who I send them to. It’s not only my reputation on the line but the reputation of an organization I’ve spent years building. After working with Dalyn and his team to book me on several podcasts, I knew I could trust them with the collaborative to manage their bookings with absolute professionalism and know-how every single time. They are my go-to team for podcast booking.

Featured Placements

Featured Placements



Introducing The Podcast Team, a benchmark-setting agency in podcast guest booking. As the first traditional PR agency to establish a robust presence in the podcast booking space, we have redefined industry standards.

Led by founder Dalyn Miller as a division of Dalyn Miller PR, our team carries forward a proud legacy of nearly twenty-year. We consistently excel in elevating the profiles of internationally renowned brands, accomplished authors, industry experts, pioneering entrepreneurs, and forward-thinking thought leaders across media platforms and diverse communication channels. By aligning our expertise with your brand's ethos and mission, we set an unrivaled standard of service marked by professionalism and dedication.

By choosing The Podcast Team as your partner in podcast guest booking, you align your brand with an agency that not only understands the nuanced dynamics of the medium but also sets the standard for others to follow. Our commitment to your success is unwavering as we strive to propel your brand's voice to the forefront of the podcasting arena.

This is The Podcast Team @ Dalyn Miller PR

Dalyn (16 of 100).jpg
Sammy Taggett_bw.jpg

Dalyn A. Miller
Founder + CEO

Sammy Taggett
Production Director

Jimmy Dwyer
The Podcast Team Manager

Instagram @ThePodcastTeam

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4610 North Clark St., No. 1128 
Chicago, IL 60640

ph. 617.504.6869 or EMAIL

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