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We leverage our extensive network of podcast hosts and producers to get you booked on the shows that connect you to your target market and rapidly grow your platform—and best of all, we do all of the heavy lifting 


The global 
Podcast Booking Agency 

trusted by founders, authors, thought leaders, and experts

Why Podcasts?

podcast PR & podcast booking agency

Podcast consumers are 100% “opt-in”

Unlike broadcast media like radio and television, which both defined and gave rise to "channel surfing" over the past 80 years, the nature of streaming media requires the podcast consumer to choose and launch their programming – meaning your audience is fully engaged before you ever say a word.

Podcasts are highly optimized for SEO

Promoted via social media, blogs, websites, and forums, podcast episodes are easily searchable, providing guests with multi-platform visibility. Comprehensive show notes, transcripts, and images, as well as backlinks to guest websites, sales portals, and social media, all help to boost your discoverability to your target market.

Podcast interviews are long-form

Podcasts' long-form interviews provide guests with the space and platform to comprehensively share their narratives, reveal a concept's genesis, and express their core beliefs. Measured, dynamic discussions with hosts without time constraints are a powerful tool in building short and long-term consumer engagement.

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Podcast consumers are loyal

The binge-ability of streaming media allows a listener/viewer base to become intellectually attached to a host and their guests in a relatively short amount of time. In fact, 72% of podcast listeners report having purchased an item or service after hearing about it on a podcast — and say they are likely to do so again.

Introducing The Podcast Team, a benchmark-setting agency in podcast guest booking. As the first traditional PR agency to establish a robust presence in the medium, we have both defined industry standards and exceeded them.

Led by founder Dalyn A. Miller as a division of Dalyn Miller PRwe leverage two decades of public relations and communications experience to amplify the presence of nonfiction authors, industry experts, globally recognized brands, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders across media platforms and diverse communication channels. Our expertise aligns seamlessly with your book or brand’s vision, ensuring an unparalleled level of service defined by our unwavering commitment to excellence.

Partnering with The Podcast Team means collaborating with an agency that not only understands the complexities of podcasts but is also recognized around the globe as a leader in the medium. We are dedicated to elevating your book or brand’s voice on shows that resonate with your messaging and enable you to connect with your target consumer.

This is The Podcast Team @ Dalyn Miller PR

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Dalyn A. Miller
Founder + CEO

Corinne Kalasky
Editorial Manager

Jimmy Dwyer
The Podcast Team Manager

Who We Are
By working with our seasoned podcast PR experts to book your podcast tour, you can trust that your expertise will be strategically positioned to connect you with the shows that make all the difference. Every podcast tour includes:
Strategic Planning
Our team collaborates closely with you to define and refine the outreach strategy, solidify key messaging, generate the best pitch angles, and identify the right podcasts with the most engaged listeners in order to position you as an expert and thought leader in your industry.
Media Asset Development
We turn your actionable and invaluable expertise into customized pitches, optimized biographies, suggested media questions, and interview talking points. We then pair them with professional headshots, prior press appearances, social media coordinates, and further resources to best position you for the podcasts that count.
Targeted Engagement
Our team actively engages with a targeted list of producers and hosts whose platforms align with your book or brand's values and target market. We will secure opportunities for interviews on podcasts where your expertise will matter most to an engaged and receptive audience.
Interview Coordination

We handle every element of your interviews, including outreach and follow-up, coordinating schedules, and providing necessary assets to hosts for interview promotion. You will receive calendar invites, a complete dossier about each podcast, and reminders prior to the recording. The only thing we don’t do is the interview itself.

Social Media Amplification
Your expertise is most valuable when it reaches the right people. So, to maximize reach and engagement, upon the release of each new interview, we provide you with graphics and keyword-optimized captions for sharing across your social media platforms.
Auxiliary Content Models
Each new interview we book for you creates auxiliary opportunities to develop additional SEO-optimized content that will amplify your expertise even further. Whether it's inspiration for a blog or Substack post, a solid angle for a byline or op-ed, or a fresh concept for an instructional video, we analyze every interview once it goes live and prepare a binder with all the tools you need to multiply the value.
What We Do
Where Our Clients Are

podcast PR & podcast booking agency


Dr. Romie Mushtaq

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Dalyn and his group are a team of all hearts. I can't recommend them highly enough; goodness, they put up with "Aunty Romie" through a stressful book launch and kept my hopes up and the laughter coming throughout. Best of all, they booked me on more than 70 podcasts and my book, The Busy Brain Cure, rocketed onto the USA Today bestseller list its first week out!

podcast PR & podcast booking agency


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