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Dalyn A. Miller

Founder + CEO


Dalyn began his career in public relations as the Director of Marketing and PR for the Boston Philharmonic in the mid-90s before moving into book publishing and filling the same position for The Quarto Group US several years later. In 2004 he launched Dalyn Miller Public Relations with a strong focus on lifestyle and personal betterment brands and the powerhouse visionaries behind them. 


Recognizing the vitality and rapid expansion of new media in the early days of blogs and podcasts, Dalyn and his team built a recognizable presence in those spaces as the go-to resource for top experts across several categories. By leading his team in focusing on authentic relationships with top producers and hosts worldwide they have developed the largest proprietary contact database in the podcast industry and built the most comprehensive booking network available to authors, entrepreneurs, and experts today. The Podcast Team @ Dalyn Miller PR was launched in early-2017 as a separate booking vertical under the DMPR parent-company. Originally from New Mexico, Dalyn is a graduate of the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, a ravenous traveler, an impassioned animal lover, and a hearty laugher.


When he’s not listening to your podcast interviews:


“I’m a huge fan of short fiction but I have an active life and I don't take the time to sit down and read as much as I should, podcasts allow me to get my fix while I’m doing something else like driving, cooking, or at the gym. I love The New Yorker’s Fiction Podcast because it features writers I admire reading stories they love by writers they admire.”

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Sammy Taggett

Production Director

After traveling the world and producing music, radio, and events for some of the biggest brands on 4 continents, Sammy learned that the most successful brands have a style guide, a voice, and a "soundtrack" for their business that connects with their target market on an emotional level that simply isn't possible anywhere else. He is committed to helping our clients find the soundtrack that uniquely connects with their tribe thereby building loyal listeners who become raving fans.

When he’s not listening to your podcast interviews:


“I love the Wine & Crime podcast. It's a solid mix of funny mixed with true crime. It's a great escape for the weekends or after a long day of work!”


Jimmy Dwyer

The Podcast Team Manager

Jimmy is a Chicago transplant hailing originally from Virginia. As the head of The Podcast Team @ Dalyn Miller PR, he is focused on continually building new relationships with podcasters and producers across a wide range of categories and leads his team in securing authentically engaging interviews on target aligned podcasts for every client. While not at the office or binging his clients’ recent interviews, Jimmy can be found on one of Chicago’s many soccer fields, debating Star Wars theories in online forums, or drinking cheap beer at fancy bars. He is a graduate of Radford University.


When he’s not listening to your podcast interviews:


“I love Comedy Bang Bang because it reminds me if you try hard enough, reality can always be just a little more warped.”

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