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The Podcast Team


The Expert Booking Team for Thought Leaders,
Entrepreneurs, and Experts

Podcasts by the Numbers 2023:

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1 in 3 American adults over the age of 12 have listened to a podcast in the last week

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53% of US adults are monthly podcast listener

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The average American podcast listener listens to NINE different shows per week

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70% of US adults report that they’ve ‘taken action’ after hearing about a product or service on a podcast



Podcast Strategy

The Cornerstones of an Effective

The media is brimming with misinformation and distrust, standing as an authentic authority in your field is critical – but it’s not impossible. Podcasts offer a unique opportunity to capture not only ears (and eyes!) but also hearts, minds, and dollars. They deliver four unmatched pillars of value no other medium can deliver:


Engaged Listeners:
It's one thing to have an audience; it's another to have an engaged one. Podcast listeners are “opt-in” listeners guaranteeing full engagement from the start. 


Exclusive Long-Form Format:
Podcast interviews are long-form, which allows experts, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders the time and platform to tell their stories, share their philosophies, and drive brand engagement.


Comprehensive Promotion:
Episodes are actively promoted across online channels, providing you with multi-platform visibility. Comprehensive notes, transcripts, and backlinks help SEO rankings and metadata skyrocket.


Long-Term Exposure:
Thanks to the binge-worthy nature of podcasts, new listeners will discover you and your brand long after the episode drops, providing an ongoing return on your investment.

As your podcast PR experts, we leverage our extensive podcast and streaming media network to quickly get you booked as a guest expert or thought leader on podcasts worldwide that will rapidly build your platform and grow your brand.

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The Podcast Team Provides Tailored

Solutions and Exceptional Results

We go beyond the booking by offering a full suite of services tailored to make your
podcast strategy a success that will work for you and your brand well into the future:

Strategic Planning:
Collaborative outreach strategy and key messaging

Media Asset Development:
Comprehensive, on-point pitches that showcase you and your brand

Targeted Engagement:
Value-aligned bookings for maximum impact

Interview Coordination: 
Full-service booking management, plus timely updates for each engagement

Social Media Amplification:
Targeted, keyword-rich promotional collateral to share your interviews across platforms

Auxiliary Content Models:
Keyword-optimized headlines and outlines for suggested supplemental content based on interview analysis 

Performance Reporting:
Bi-weekly updates to keep you up-to-date and fully informed

A Multi-Channel Approach

With more than 19 years in the PR landscape, our capabilities extend far beyond the mic. Adding print and digital media outreach as a supplementary service to your podcast tour will supercharge your SEO and online searchability through written interviews, Q&As, bylines, and OpEds. Ask us for details and pricing.

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Mindshare offer

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